Maxim launches safe rides rate for women

Maxim launches safe rides rate for women

2023 ж. 31 тамыз

Women in Africa often need additional measures to ensure their safety. This is especially relevant when ordering rides, because a driver and a passenger are one-on-one during the trip.

The Maxim service launched a test version of the Female driver rate in its app for ordering transport services for the people of Cape Town and Gqeberha. The rate provides for the trips performed exclusively by women and for women — orders placed using this rate are not visible for male drivers. If the order was created by a man, a woman driver can cancel it, and her rating won’t decrease.

This feature will allow families with little children, and young girls who want to feel more safe and confident when riding in a vehicle alone, especially when it's dark outside, to travel with greater comfort. Clients don't have to pay extra for using this rate, the ride price remains standard.

The introduction of the new rate shows that the Maxim service cares about its users' safety alongside the already existing features. For example, a passenger always sees their driver's info, the license plate number and the make of their vehicle. If this information doesn't match, they can cancel the ride. Moreover, they can track the ride in the app. To do it, a user needs to share the link to the ride tracking. Their family or friends will be able to see their moving on the map and be sure that the ride goes well.

An alarm button is embedded into the system allowing to timely react to the dangerous situation and send an SOS signal to the service’s support and other drivers nearby.