The portrait of ride-hailing app user in South Africa

The portrait of ride-hailing app user in South Africa

8 листопада 2023 р.

Nowadays, we all use dozens of various mobile apps on a daily basis, whether it's social media, messenger apps, online store platforms or transportation ordering services. That being said, different groups of users prefer drastically different apps. Maxim specialists took interest in this subject, analyzed the statistical data and created the portrait of a person who is most likely to use the company's app.

As it turns out, it's men who use the ride ordering apps most often. Male users in South Africa make up 64% of all clients, while women comprise 36%.

Speaking of age categories, users from 25 to 35 years old take the lead with 36%, while users from 36 to 45 years old take second place with 33%. The percentage of users over 46 years old is 20%, and those under 24 years old make up 11%.

Concerning smartphone operating systems, 95% of the ride and delivery ordering apps installations happen on Android devices. The most popular smartphone brand among customers is Samsung, with 45.5% of the total number of users. HUAWEI smartphones are also popular among users, with 19%. The top 3 is rounded out by Xiaomi, with 5% of the total number of users.

By the way, users of iOS-based devices are more loyal to the service, as they tend to rate the app higher. For example, the average Maxim rating on this operating system is 4.6. Meanwhile, the app's rating on the Android platform is 4.4

So, an average Maxim app user is a man from 25 to 35 years old with a Samsung smartphone.

The Maxim: ride-hailing & delivery service app allows its users to order comfortable rides using various rates, including Economy, Comfort and Premium. Additionally, the special Female driver rate is available to ensure safer rides for women. Also, you can use the app to order a hand-to-hand delivery or purchase of goods according to a shopping list. The app is available on the App Store, Google Play, AppGallery and Galaxy Store.